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日内瓦(美联社) --欧洲人官员在星期三声称世界的最高的贸易法院的一个初步决定,使得美国飞机制造商波音违法国际条约得到帮助,导致以芝加哥为基础的飞机制造者不得不放弃,甚至偿还数十亿的补偿金。



世界贸易组织发现波音在欧洲的竞争对手空中巴士,获得了不公平的优势——得到数十亿低利率的政府贷款,基础设施供应和产品研究与开发补助金。 华盛顿和布鲁塞尔两者都以对此决定上诉。

法国的环境和运输部长,简-路易斯博洛和多米尼克布斯洛,在一个联合声明中说“裁定像钟摆一样摇摆不定”。 “这裁决将给予法国及欧洲的航空业极大的满足感,可以保住他们的工作和产业的未来”。


美国贸易代表署耐福特尔阿克丽麦弗逊说“这争论已证明是世界贸易组织下面的最复杂和最冗长的争论之一。 由于中期报告是机密的,我们不能讨论其内容。”





约翰克兰西,一欧洲 贸易发言人,说在布鲁塞尔决定如何进行之前,星期三的裁决将会非常小心。 但是,他另外提到“仅仅最高政治级别的谈判才能得到一种真正的解决和我们希望今天的报告朝着那个方向提供。”


Europe claims WTO ruling in Boeing case as victory

GENEVA (AP) -- European officials claimed Wednesday that a preliminary decision by the world's top trade court found that aid to U.S. aircraft maker Boeing violated international rules, leading to the prospect that the Chicago-based plane maker may have to forgo or even pay back billions in subsidies.

France's transport and environment ministers said the confidential World Trade Organization ruling delivered to U.S. and EU officials in Geneva "condemns massive subsidies to Boeing that violate WTO rules."

Details of the ruling weren't made public and a final judgment isn't expected to be released for several months.

It comes three months after the WTO found that Boeing's European rival Airbus gained an unfair advantage through billions worth of low-interest government loans, infrastructure provisions, and research and development grants. Both Washington and Brussels have appealed that decision.

"The ruling swings the pendulum back," the French environment and transport ministers, Jean-Louis Borloo and Dominique Bussereau, said in a joint statement. "This ruling brings enormous satisfaction to the French and European aviation industry and saves jobs and the future of this industry."

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in Washington confirmed receipt of the ruling.

"This dispute has proven to be one of the most complex and lengthy disputes under the WTO," said USTR spokeswoman Nefeterius Akeli McPherson. "As the interim report is confidential, we cannot discuss the contents."

In a statement late Wednesday, Boeing said that if the European Union's claims were indeed upheld by the WTO, the ruling represents "a massive rejection of the EU case and confirms that European launch aid to Airbus stands as the single largest and most flagrant illegal subsidy in the aerospace industry."

The company also said the WTO findings against the U.S. are likely to require few changes in U.S. policies and practices.

Ahead of its release a senior Boeing official rejected suggestions that the ruling should be tied to the Airbus case, offering the way for a negotiated settlement between the two parties.

"The two cases are completely separate and deal with very specific issues," Ted Austell, vice president trade policy at Boeing, said Tuesday.

John Clancy, an EU trade spokesman, said Wednesday's ruling would be studied carefully before Brussels decides how to proceed. But he added that "only negotiations at the highest political levels can lead to a real solution and we hope today's report provides momentum in that direction."

The six-year dispute is seen as key to future funding for new plane development in a market estimated to be worth more than $3 trillion over the next two decades.

Airbus and Boeing are also vying to secure a $35 billion contract to provide aerial tankers to the U.S. Air Force.



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