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旧金山 ( 美联社 ) --贝宝想要使在线购物更容易以便降低成本,无论是在新闻网站上单独签订协议或者是在电视游戏中的虚拟物品。

斯考特 汤普森,在线支付服务的董事长,在星期四说到贝宝计划在年底前推出一种付款产品,帮助企业在网络上收集“小额付款s”。

一般地,如果你在网游上想要一把虚拟的到,你需要首先购买一部分信用--或许5美元或者10 美元--然后你能在脸谱网或者其它网站上的使用大约49美分在游戏中购买虚拟的剑。 那是因为成本与信用卡交易迅速侵吞商人的利润有关,要想赚钱重要的是成本只要几美元或者更少。

汤普生想要消费者需要购买商品时能一次性完成。然而, 就这个想法,他说贝宝打算允许在进货上有一个小幅度的增长。

贝宝,所属易趣公司,计划制定通过收集消费者的交易开始进行工作。 在通过贝宝支付账单前,有人可能购买价值10美元的新商品,或者网上游戏中的物品。 贝宝认为要对商家和贝宝都有利益的情况下,需要更多的消费者。

网上小额支付不是新型事物。 网上小额支付出现在九十年代但是没有真正的流行起来,部分原因是早期的试图经常让人们小额消费——这里消费一角,那里消费二十五美分,而不是现在流行的模式,你先购买一些信用然后每次少许使用他们。


贝宝已经涉及数字支付的领域。 去年,在总支付71十亿亿美元的成交量中,人们从网上购买数字产品,像下载音乐、视频和软件已经达到2十亿。 同时,这似乎是日益增长的: 在上半年,汤普生说道,公司在数字商品付款中已经处理1.3十亿美元。

在世界上小额支付中,公司已经有立足之地,给商家提供了选择的空间,可以使用网站,商户承担百分之5的费用加上小额交易费用5分,这看起来通常要比每人10美元的费用要少的多。 这种方式,一个3美元新商品的小额支付只需用商家支付20分的交易费用; 在贝宝对于此项目的标准费用计划成本增加3千美元,它将耗费大约39分。

仍然,汤普生认为即将来临的付款产品将会更好的,更有前景和更方便的。 现在,如果你使用贝宝在诸如像社交游戏商流行的农庄城镇一种网上游戏中购买商品,你仍然被提示要中途离开游戏去进行实际的付款。 汤普生想要用贝宝即将提供的来改变。


PayPal hopes to make micropayments easier online

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- PayPal wants to make it easier to buy low-cost digital goods online, whether it's a single article on a news website or virtual items in a video game.

Scott Thompson, the online payment service's president, said Thursday that PayPal plans to roll out a payment product by the end of the year that helps businesses collect "micropayments" on the Web.

Generally, if you want to buy, say, a virtual sword in an online game, you need to first purchase a chunk of credit -- perhaps $5 or $10 -- that you can then spend on a 49-cent virtual sword on a game on Facebook or other websites. That's because the costs associated with credit card transactions quickly eat away at the profit a merchant would make on something that costs a few dollars or less.

Thompson thinks consumers want to be able to buy items one at a time, though. And with this in mind, he said PayPal intends to allow purchases in small increments.

PayPal, which is owned by eBay Inc., plans to make that work by compiling consumers' transactions. Someone might buy $10 worth of news articles, or goods in an online game, before getting billed by PayPal. PayPal thinks this will appeal more to consumers while benefiting merchants and PayPal, too.

Online micropayments are not new. They emerged in the 1990s but never really caught on, in part because early attempts often had people spend tiny amounts of money -- a dime here, a quarter there -- instead of the currently popular model where you buy a bunch of credits up front and use them a little at a time.

But consumers are now much more used to the idea of buying virtual goods in online games and downloading content like songs and videos, and this change in behavior could benefit PayPal.

PayPal is already involved in the digital payment space. Last year, $2 billion of its total $71 billion in payment volume came from digital goods such as downloads of music, videos and software people bought online. And it seems to be growing: In the first half of this year, the company processed $1.3 billion in digital goods payments, Thompson said.

The company has gotten its feet wet in the world of micropayments, too, offering merchants a micropayment option that websites can use, charging a fee of 5 percent plus 5 cents for small transactions, which it sees as generally less than $10 apiece. This way, a $3 micropayment for a news article would cost the merchant 20 cents in transaction fees; under PayPal's normal fee schedule for items that cost up to $3,000, it would cost about 39 cents.

Still, Thompson thinks the upcoming payment product will be better, and hopefully more convenient, too. Right now, if you use PayPal to buy items in an online game such as Zynga's popular FarmVille, you're still prompted to leave the game mid-session to make the actual payment. Thompson wants to change this with PayPal's upcoming offering.

"The whole intent is to keep you in the experience, don't force you to do anything else ... and keep it economical for all parties," he said.



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